Tilpas Europa for det fælles bedste

I anledning af fasten lanceres Justice and Peace Europas 'Concerted Action 2019'. Der fokuseres i år især på Europa-Parlamentsvalget til maj og følgende områder:

1. social justice because the current unfair distribution of opportunities and wealth, but also poverty and social exclusion within the territory of the single market and among regions leads to negative and vital demographic, cultural and social consequences,

2. care for the natural environment (creation) because an unacceptable high level of food waste, which points to the predominance of a model of production and consumption opposed to the virtue of temperance and harmful to the environment,

3. global peace because of multiple arms exports to areas of war and armed conflict which are contrary to an existing agreement among member states

4. respect for human rights because some European companies - and especially very big ones based within the territory of the single market - operate all over the world in ways and manners that may constitute human rights violations.

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